«The Bureau forecasts the chilly weather will

Chief executive Michelle Robertson said the organisation had received only 10 this month, compared to 27 in March and down from a peak of 63 in November. While other factors may be at play, Ms Robertson said she felt social distancing measures had a notable impact on the decrease. «There are less people out and about and that definitely has an impact,» she said.

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buy canada goose jacket Earlier in the week and that has sort of been lingering.»The Bureau forecasts the chilly weather will continue in Canberra into the long weekend, with Saturday and Sunday expected to get down to minus 4 and minus 2 degrees, respectively. Both days should see maximum temperatures of 12 degrees and light winds, while frost should be around on Saturday morning.»The frost is just forming if there’s enough moisture. And if those minimums get down all the way to below 0 [degrees],» Mr Majchrowski said.»On Sunday it should start to get a little bit more cloudy, but there’s pros and cons to that.»The pro is that the minimum temperatures shouldn’t be as low; the con is that the daytime maximum temperatures will drop.»Light winds and morning frost are forecast for Monday and Tuesday next week. buy canada goose jacket

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